14 Responses to “Obsidian Mask (Lion Security, #2) is live!”

  1. Cat

    I love your books!! Are you able to release obsidian music earlier then next year Jul?!🙏 I can’t wait to read it!! I would pay extra just to read it sooner 😁😁

    • Scarlett Dawn

      Hi Cat!
      I wish I could. My schedule is completely full through 2016. I made a special effort to have it released as soon as possible. 🙂 July was it!
      Beth and Daniil all the way!

  2. Virginia

    Please tell me Obsidian Music will be the last book..I can’t wait almost a year for another installment!!

  3. Kay

    Hello Scarlett. First off i would like to say your first book actually took me by surprise. While browsing through my book recommendations I happen to run across your book. Though the commentary gives you a gist of what the book is about, I was pleasantly surprised that it is so well written. I literally did not stop reading until i finished the book. Then i read it a second time and did something i normally do not do. I promptly bought the second book. And yes i have also read that one twice also. I can honestly say that though i do not prefer to read a multi book story, I look forward to reading the third book. And if the last book is as well written and engaging as the first two are then i plan on buying the paperbacks to add to my personal home library. Please be sure to keep us readers informed when we will be able to preorder the last book. My reviews will be posted to Amazon, Good Reads, Barn and Noble and to any other book clubs and sites that i post to. I look forward to reading other genres that you written.

  4. Kay Burkhart

    I’ve enjoyed this series so much! When will the 3rd book Obsidian Music be released?

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