Obsidian Liquor by Scarlett Dawn

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Obsidian Liquor by Scarlett Dawn is live again!

*Originally published in The Obsidian Collection*

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The Lion Security series fires off with Obsidian Liquor, where resolve is tested and passion ignites…

Elizabeth Forter is a preacher’s daughter. Daniil Kozar is the head of the Russian mafia.

Elizabeth is on a personal mission to destroy, and Key West is her destination – where a brutal competition is being held. Daniil is not a man to be trifled with, and the bitty she-devil’s antics don’t escape his notice . At the realization that she’s caught, Elizabeth’s curiosity rapidly turn to fear, but she can’t outrun a man who kills for a living.

Stuck in a situation of her own making, a deal is made with the mafia king.

Liquor and unwanted attraction never make for wise companions. The outcome is…dangerous.

Elizabeth was not prepared for Daniil. Each second of the day, her every action is watched. Elizabeth must decide how to handle the gun-toting criminal, and his seductive charm. Daniil may be the devil her father warned about…or the balance Elizabeth has been searching for. Somewhere, Elizabeth’s dad is screaming a prayer…

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