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Posted 1 January, 2015 by Scarlett Dawn in Escape Publishing / 2 Comments

I’m asked this so much, I thought it would be best to make a blog post about it.

In regards to print editions/and or audio versions for the Forever Evermore series, I’m kept in the dark just as much as y’all are. As of right now, what I do know is that the Forever Evermore series is currently not in print, and KC and KT are not in audio.
Question: Who would know if it’s going to be?
Answer: My publisher.
Escape Publishing is super fast and super sweet at answering fan questions, so if you want to know up-to-date information on the Forever Evermore series, please contact them at:


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  1. Cori

    I have emailed Escape Publishing to ask them if there are any plans for this series to become available in print. We’ll see what they say 🙂 I will report as soon as they respond.

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